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▷ #SoCs in Digital System Designs

➡️  #SoC # System-on-Chip  #Processor #FPGA In the world of digital electronics, the use of #SoCs or System-on-Chip is becoming increasingly common in digital system designs. These integrated circuits contain everything needed to implement a complete system on a single chip, greatly simplifying the design process and reducing the size, cost, and power consumption of the final system. A typical SoC includes multiple functional blocks such as a processor, memory, peripheral controllers, communication interfaces, and other specialized circuits. Depending on the system's needs, the designer can choose from a wide range of SoCs available in the market, which vary in size, processing capability, and features. The advantages of using SoCs in digital system designs include: ➡️ Integration of multiple functions in a single chip: SoCs allow integration of everything needed to implement a complete system on a single chip, reducing the size and cost of the final system. ➡️ Simplified design: B

▷ SD3031 Precision #RTC Module for #Arduino

  ➡️  #RTC #Arduino #DFRobot About this item This real-time clock #RTC module uses the SD3031 chip, which has an integrated crystal oscillator and temperature compensator. This provides high-precision timing and stability. At a temperature of 25 °C, the accuracy is maintained at ±3.8ppm (±0.32832 seconds/day). The SD3031 can be powered by button-cell batteries. This allows for accurate timing even when the main power source is interrupted. The RTC keeps track of seconds, minutes, hours, days of the week, dates of the month, and months and years. It also automatically adjusts the date at the end of each month and includes leap year corrections. The SD3031 has a built-in 70-byte SRAM for low-power data storage. Please note that due to recent air cargo regulations, special items such as batteries, magnets, and liquids are strictly audited for air transport. As a result, the RTC module does not come with batteries. You will need to purchase them locally. The button cell model that is compa

▷ Display of last 24 hours of Temperature, Humidity and Temp. CPU

  For this post, two sensors have been deployed for real-time data collection, currently operational in the city of Guayaquil: one for humidity and another for temperature. Both sensors utilize LoRA technology to transmit collected information to a Gateway. This Gateway serves as a central connection point, receiving data from the sensors and forwarding it to the Google Cloud platform via LTE cellular connectivity. Leaflet viewer with OpenStreetMap Leaflet viewer with OpenStreetMap Once the data is stored on the Google Cloud platform, a customized web interface has been developed. This interface facilitates the visualization and analysis of the sensor-collected data, offering users a clear and easily accessible representation. In today's interconnected world, the ability to gather and visualize real-time data is essential for understanding and making informed decisions. On this occasion, we will explore how to visualize the data from the last 24 h

▷ Indoor Hydroponics Growing System

  ➡️  #Hydroponics #GrowingSystem About this item 【High-performance pro-grow light】The inBloom indoor herb garden’s LED lights are made up of 76 24 watt LED bulbs that function for 16 hours then sleep for 8 hours before turning on again in 24-hour cycles. The indoor herb garden lamp has perfectly tuned red and blue light and comes with far-reaching red light, causing plants to grow five times faster than an outdoor garden. Plants growing through our hydroponic growing system can produce healthy plants with strong roots and dark green leaves. 【Smart Hydroponics Growing System】Our smart hydroponics growing system make managing your plants easy - the low water level alarm alerts you when water level dips below 700ml ensuring your plants always stay hydrated, and the indoor herb garden LED lamp timer allows you to one-click turn off the lamp before bed. It turns on automatically after 10 hours so you can rest easy. 【Scientific Design】Our hydroponic growing system has a 4.2-liter water tank

▷ The Importance of Energy Consumption Prediction in Data Centers

➡️  #EnergyConsumption #EnergyPrediction #DataCenter In the digital age, data centers are a key piece of the technological infrastructure that drives the global economy. From managing large databases to cloud services, these centers consume large amounts of energy, making it crucial to have a good energy consumption prediction. Here we will explain why it is important to have a good energy consumption prediction in data centers. ➡️ Reducing Costs Energy consumption in data centers can be a significant cost for companies. Therefore, it is important to have a good energy consumption prediction to be able to plan and control costs efficiently. A good energy consumption prediction will allow companies to allocate budgets and plan appropriately, which will help reduce long-term costs. ➡️ Reducing Environmental Impact In addition to costs, data centers also have a significant impact on the environment. Generating energy for data centers often involves burning fossil fuels, contributing to gr

▷ Optimizing Shrimp Pool Management: A Breakthrough in IoT with LoRa Technology

✅ Keywords : ➡️ #ControlSystem #MonitoringSystem #ShrimpPools #IoT #LoRa #FuzzyLogic #FuzzyLogicControl #Matlab #ESP32 #ESP32lora ✅ Introduction: We are thrilled to bring you the latest advancements in the world of aquaculture, where technology meets tradition in the most innovative ways. In this edition, we explore a groundbreaking project that aims to revolutionize shrimp farming practices in Ecuador. Titled "IoT-Based Shrimp Pool Optimization with LoRa Technology," this initiative presents a significant leap forward in addressing challenges faced by the shrimp farming industry, specifically focusing on disease prevention and optimized resource management. ✅ Content: Shrimp Farming Challenges and the Need for Innovation: Ecuador's shrimp farming industry, renowned for its breeding and export prowess, has grappled with disease outbreaks due to fluctuating environmental factors during the crucial maturation stage. Conventional methods have proven insufficient in tackling

▷ Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Learning-based Consumption Prediction

  ✅  Keywords : ➡️ #EnergyConsumptionPrediction #Energy #ESP32 #PZMT004 #OpenSource #OpenHardware #RegressionLearner #SustainableEnergyInformation #DataCenter  #NodeRed #EmbeddedSystems #MIcrocontroller #Phyton #MQTT #MySQL #Telegram ✅ Introduction: In this edition, we explore a groundbreaking research study titled "Learning-based Energy Consumption Prediction" conducted by our team of experts. We delve into the challenges posed by the increasing influx of data into cloud-fog infrastructures and the pressing need for sustainable energy consumption management. Our researchers have developed an energy consumption prediction model, focusing on hardware design, data pre-processing, and machine learning techniques. Join us on this journey as we discuss the methodology, findings, and future prospects of this pioneering study. ✅ Content: In our study, titled "Learning-based Energy Consumption Prediction," we address the critical issue of managing energy consumption in serv

▷ Adafruit #HUZZAH32 - #ESP32 Feather

➡️  #ESP32 #HUZZAH32 #Feather #dafruit El #HUZZAH32 es módulo de desarrollo basado en #ESP32, hecha con el módulo oficial WROOM32. Este hardware contiene: convertidor USB a serie incorporado, reinicio automático del cargador de arranque, cargador de iones de litio / polímero, y casi todos los GPIO que sacaste para que puedas usarlo con cualquiera de nuestras alas de plumas. El  ESP32  es una actualización perfecta del ESP8266 que ha sido tan popular. En comparación, el ESP32 tiene mucho más GPIO, muchas entradas analógicas, dos salidas analógicas, múltiples periféricos adicionales (como un UART de repuesto), dos núcleos para que no tenga que ceder ante el administrador de WiFi, procesador de mayor velocidad, ¡etcétera etcétera! Creemos que a medida que el  ESP32  obtenga tracción, veremos a más personas moverse a este chip exclusivamente, ya que tiene todas las funciones.  ✅   Overview :  240 MHz dual core Tensilica LX6 microcontroller with 600 DMIPS Integrated 520 KB SRAM Integrated 8

▷ Advancements in Device-Free Indoor Localization Using Machine Learning and 28 GHz Band Technology

  ✅  Keywords : ➡️ #MillimeterWave #MMwave #28GHz #IndoorLocation #WirelessInSite #Remcom #Matlab #ML #MachineLearning #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #RegressionLearner #Classification ✅ Introduction: In this edition of our newsletter, we delve into groundbreaking research exploring the realms of device-free indoor localization techniques. Utilizing the power fluctuations in a communication link due to the presence of a human body, our researchers have employed advanced machine learning methods in the 28 GHz band. This innovative approach aims to redefine indoor positioning, offering unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. ✅ Content: In our quest to enhance indoor localization technology, our research team conducted comprehensive studies. Through meticulous simulations and experiments, we evaluated the potential of machine learning algorithms in the 28 GHz band, focusing on the effects of human presence within an enclosed space. 1. Database Construction and Simulation: Our researchers meti

▷ The Importance of Soft Processors in #FPGAs for Customized Digital Circuits

➡️ #FPGA #VHDL  #SoC # System-on-Chip  #Processor #SoftProcessors #DigitalCircuits #DigitalSystems FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) are programmable electronic devices that allow for the creation of customized digital circuits. Unlike ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), which are integrated circuits specifically designed for one application, FPGAs can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform different tasks. ➡️  One of the most important advantages of FPGAs is their ability to implement soft processors, which are processors that are implemented in the FPGA using a hardware description language (HDL). Soft processors allow designers of integrated systems to create more complex and flexible systems than would be possible with conventional integrated circuits. ➡️  The importance of using soft processors in FPGAs lies in the ability to create highly customized integrated systems, tailored to specific user needs. Soft processors can be optimized for a specific task, whi