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▷ Optimizing Shrimp Pool Management: A Breakthrough in IoT with LoRa Technology

    • ➡️ #ControlSystem #MonitoringSystem #ShrimpPools #IoT #LoRa #FuzzyLogic #FuzzyLogicControl #Matlab #ESP32 #ESP32lora
    ✅ Introduction:
    • We are thrilled to bring you the latest advancements in the world of aquaculture, where technology meets tradition in the most innovative ways. In this edition, we explore a groundbreaking project that aims to revolutionize shrimp farming practices in Ecuador. Titled "IoT-Based Shrimp Pool Optimization with LoRa Technology," this initiative presents a significant leap forward in addressing challenges faced by the shrimp farming industry, specifically focusing on disease prevention and optimized resource management.
    ✅ Content:
    • Shrimp Farming Challenges and the Need for Innovation:
      • Ecuador's shrimp farming industry, renowned for its breeding and export prowess, has grappled with disease outbreaks due to fluctuating environmental factors during the crucial maturation stage. Conventional methods have proven insufficient in tackling these challenges effectively.
    • Enter IoT and LoRa:
      • In response to these challenges, a team of dedicated researchers developed a cutting-edge prototype leveraging the power of IoT technology. This system comprises three nodes interconnected through LoRa technology, enabling seamless communication and data exchange. The heart of the innovation lies in a sophisticated fuzzy logic system, meticulously designed to monitor and control vital abiotic factors such as temperature and dissolved oxygen levels.
    • Key Achievements and Breakthroughs:
      • Through rigorous testing and analysis, the team achieved remarkable milestones. The implementation of the fuzzy logic system resulted in precise control of aerators, responding adeptly to fluctuations in abiotic parameters. Furthermore, the project exhibited a significant increase in battery durability, enhancing the system's sustainability. The LoRa communication interface showcased its robustness, demonstrating its effectiveness even in urban environments with a range extending up to 1 km without line of sight.

    ✅ Conclusions:
      • In conclusion, the "IoT-Based Shrimp Pool Optimization with LoRa Technology" project marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of aquaculture practices. By harnessing the power of IoT and LoRa technology, the shrimp farming industry in Ecuador can look forward to a future where diseases are mitigated, resources are optimized, and sustainability becomes a guiding principle.

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